E-Invoicing Feature

E-Invoicing Feature is a part of a full ERP system which called “Odoo”, This feature was designed and developed specially for Integration with E-Invoice Tax Authority’s Portal.

Odoo E-Invoicing Features


  • Define Taxes types and its related code from the Tax Authority’s certified list.


  • The possibility of receiving purchase invoices which are sent to E-Invoice Tax Authority’s Portal by the suppliers of our company, and integrating them to our Odoo system.


  • Define Products even if they are storable or services and add the product code for each one to be available to use in e-invoicing integration.


  • Define Customers, create a profile for each customer on odoo which contains all of its data and transactions summary


  • Adding discounts, taxes and profit margins on each line of the invoice.




  • Create sales invoices from Odoo one by one or through a Bulk upload file (extracted from another system or created manually).


  • The possibility of printing the invoice from Odoo or from the E-Invoice Tax Authority’s Portal, as well as keeping the invoice Sequence of the Tax Authority’s Portal


  • The possibility of sending the sales invoice to the E-Invoice Tax Authority’s Portal , applied with the E-Signature.

  • The ability to analyze the data of all invoices, customer data and accounts within Odoo in a smooth and simple way.